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This month was all about pain, my teeth are aching, my wrist hurts, and I can't go on drawing... ;3;

I never knew I could be in this kind of pain... I think I'll skip June payment(the payment that starts on July 1st) and get treatment and slowly work over two months...

About 2 months ago when I was starting to do comic works, the inside center of my wrist started to ache, and now when I put some strength into my wrist or bend it, it hurts... On top of that, the toothache is about to knock me out cold.. ;3;

I got 4 wisdom teeth out and currently receiving neurotherapy treatment and carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. I'm keep going back and forth from the hospital and I can't really squeeze in any work time... I'm so sorry....;3;

I was pretty confident about my health but now even typing hurts my wrist and this toothache is unbearable ;3;

I'm taking one or two Tylenol every meal but I'm still in pain...

I know it hasn't been that long since my last rest in February, but as I cannot allow myself to produce low quality work that lacks any content just for the hell of it this month.

I want to give you guys a better quality work with more volume, and for that as rude as it is, I must skip this month's payment and get a treatment from my dentist over the two months and slowly work on the project. So I can provide just as much quality content as last month... I'm so sorry that I couldn't bring good news ;3; Much like February, I'll be continuing to work but will skip the payment on July 1st and use both June and July to work on the rewards. Thank you so much for your time and once again I apologize for bringing bad news for people who have been waiting all this time... ;3;

P.S - More post will be coming up in both Newgrounds and HF as there are many works that I haven't posted here yet.



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